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Jessica Beaudoin is a Fine Art photographer and image editor that resides in Winooski Vermont with her husband, two daughters, two grandchildren, two dogs, and cat.

To afford my passion for fine art photography, I am an image editor for other professional photographers.

It started many years ago when I did commercial photography myself. I found myself spending more time getting that first edit in front of my client than I did taking the photos, which left no time for my family or my personal photography. It started to put a strain on my love for the art. After speaking with other photographers, they not only felt they also had no time, but they were backed up with editing and it was causing stress. Since they loved the commercial aspect, and I loved editing photos, it was a perfect match.

So today I get to enjoy my family, our very defined four seasons in this beautiful Green Mountain state, and my fine art photography. I do hope you take a moment to enjoy my photos.

J. Beaudoin

( My clients are strictly confidential, and so are their photos. All photos on this site are my own.)